Amendment(s) for HB998
Courts of Justice, Subcommittee #2
Recommended on 1/22/2018


1. Line 62, introduced, after G.


A private nonprofit organization that assists parents and legal guardians with the process of delegating parental and legal custodial powers of their children shall (i) comply with background check requirements established by regulations of the Board of Social Services or otherwise provided by law; (ii) develop and implement written policies and procedures for governing active and closed cases, governing admissions, monitoring the administration of medications, prohibiting corporal punishment, ensuring that children are not subjected to abuse or neglect, investigating allegations of misconduct toward children, implementing back-up emergency care plans for children, assigning designated casework staff, managing all records, utilizing discharge policies, and regulating the use of seclusion and restraint; and (iii) provide pre-service and ongoing training for temporary placement providers and staff.